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Bamboo Flyrod Classes
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Bamboo Flyrod Classes

Class Information


This is a hands-on, 7 day course starting with splitting the cane, flattening, straighten and square, and determining the correct taper for the rod of your choice length, weight and choice of rod hardware. All supplies are furnished – including a rod builder’s book, which is yours to keep. All rods are the choice of the student and not the instructor. The rod is finished by the following Saturday, with a sock & tube included. The rod may be fished with Saturday afternoon!


This rod building class has been established and in existence for over twenty years and has a very good and well-deserved reputation. The class has been in the same location for over fifteen years. The student leaves the class with knowledge and experience of building a split bamboo rod by hand and also leaving with a great sense of pride within themselves.


These are small, five person classes to allow for lots of personalized, hands-on instruction. Don’t wait to reserve your spot!



Bamboo flyrod building classes are $900 for the week. A $300 deposit is required to book your class, but this is refundable should you need to cancel. Please note that lodging, transport to class location and food is not included in the price and is the student’s responsibility.


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2020 Class Schedule

February 15th – 22nd
June 13th – 20th

August 8th – 15th

October 3rd – 10th


2021 Class Schedule

February 13th – 20th
June 12th – 19th
August 7th – 14th
October 2nd – 9th